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Promoting School Breakfast

School breakfast can help students start the day in a healthy way.
Studies continue to show that students who eat breakfast have better health and academic
outcomes including higher test scores, fewer classroom disruptions, and healthier diets.

Signage, Posters, Banners, Flyers and Brochures

New Regulation Breakfast Posters

There are five versions of Breakfast Posters to choose from!

      File Manager -> RisingStar14.JPG      File Manager -> BreakfastCombo15.png 

                         18" x 24" Be a Rising Star                             18" x 24" Combo Be a Rising Star and Five Star Meal

Double-sided Free Standing Dry Erase Sign Stands

File Manager -> dryerasespecs.JPGFile Manager -> Double_SidedPosterSign2.jpg  



Free standing double-sided sign stand with dry erasable lens (holds 18" x 24" posters) - $149 with both Breakfast and Lunch signs

File Manager -> BreakfastTrayPoster.jpg       File Manager -> LunchTrayPoster1.jpg


Lunch Tray Regulation signage - goes with Breakfast tray and double-sided dry erase sign stand

8 1/2 X 11 Breakfast Poster for 2014-15      11X17 Breakfast Poster for 2014-15      

Customize Banners with your Message

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